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tv   Countdown With Keith Olbermann  MSNBC  October 8, 2009 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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paid for by creating problems for a senior citizen. >> health care reform. the fight against death. the plan to fund free health clinics. our director of the national association of free clinics. how high the moon live from outer space, it's earth versus moon. >> we begin counting in five minutes. >> we are actually crashing stuff into the moon to see if there's water there or maybe tow trucks. >> we're going to whack the moon in a controlled experiment to understand what is in the soil. >> a chief astron mer explains it all. michelle obama spits on
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every woman that stalk. >> and levi johnson deposed for pleasure. the house is from michael mus stou. i don't think any further explanation is required. all of that and more on "countdown." good evening from new york. the governor has called the best and only way to get a public option, where democrats in that body are on their way to possible revolt. it's called the opt out public plan, allowinging the ungs to not participate in the national public plan if they decide against it. meanwhile, 30 other democrats fighting for a full
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public option, some demanding just that. we'll be joined by senator widen of oregon. announcing today that the senate committee will be voting on tuesday on its bill to deliver new paying customers to private insurance companies and expense with no public option, at least not now, to control the a built to deny liver trans pants for anything that you can think of that might be wrong with you. senator schumer voting to opt out. talking points and chairman of the finance committee vote ruling closely on the proposal and could consider it. why does a public option make any difference representing republicans, saying that they are unlikely to represent a bill
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$10 million because it costs too much and it would hurt the insurance industry. here's where i come down. 81% of the people that helped insurance, it's going to increase the premiums because you see the tax on insurance companies is going to be passed through. it's just natural. and it's creating problem force senior citizens by taking $40044 billion out of that. senator brown and half a dozen other democrats take the floor tonight to talk about the real public option, one not seen as the third health care reform.
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and then widen, member of the finance committee. thank you for your time. >> thanks for having me, keith. >> your democratic colleagues have taken the floor to demand a real public option in that bill. what is standing in your way? don't the majority of lawmakers want to make it happen? >> we are taking on the status quo caucus and they don't want the american people to have real choices. look, i'll be real clear about what i want. i want to make sure that hardworking americans are not forced to bi lousy, unaffordable health insurance from a
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monopoly. >> senator of the month released today of the. >> i don't see how it's pushed the consumer into the driver seat. i p want all consumers to have what other members have. you make it personal. you talk about your situation and your family, what people who are well off can have. i want to make sure that all consumers get a fair shake in these opt out ideas at this point i don't see them turning the table on the insurance lobby. >> senator grassley, as we heard a clip earlier argued on this network that the baucus bill
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would pass along any loan profits they might feel if they have higher premiums. senator grassley never runs out of objections. he did, in fact, help to write the caucus bill. and how would you characterize this and the so-called gang of six in their entirely. >> if you look at their product and frankly they tried really hard, a lot needs to be done to make sure that you hold the insurance companies accountable. politics give speeches about how to get the same deal as the members of congress. they ought to look at this legislation and they will see that millions of americans won't get any choices at all, let alone what members of congress will get. >> so you at the last minute put in an amendment to say that everybody will put together their own plan and mr. baucus told you that your amount was
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out of order what was your reaction to that? >> it was obviously a disappointing evening. but the fact of the matter is, when you're taking on the insurance lobbies and standing up to the american people, there's a whole lot more of this than there are of them. they are slicing a fat hog. there's no question about it. they are trying to protect their profit. but if we can do what you started to do last night, which was to educate the public, make a personal, make sure that folks understand that what we're pointing for is the same kind of square deal that members of congress get, we can win this. >> thank you for your kind words about that. all i will say about that, we offered the amendment that had been scored by the public ofgs
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saying that what it was designed to do, it was to send a message, if you're going to turn the tables on the insurance lobby, put the consumer on the driver's seat and frankly other workers, janitor, the federal bureau engraving, if somebody rips that person off, hoped the insurance accountable i'm going to spend my week trying to improve it. if you and others will educate the public. what you did last night, you made it personal and if we can educate people between now and then, we can still see more changes. >> all right. amen. senator ron wyden, thank you.
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lawrence, thank you for being here. >> good to be here. >> every cloud has a silver lining. >> well, i agree with senator wyden. and it's bringing something small to the table that seems to be something that they refused to move through the floor. it's so unknown now and it's not clear what they are talking about. we just don't know what it is. >> is there some prospect that doing it in this way, that for want of a better term, sends it doubt a path towards the nation and insurance and health point
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of view? >> absolutely. it's terrible public policy to not have something that i want to legislate. >> at the same time as we indicated with senator wyden, they went to the floor of the senate tonight to do this, doing so as we speak and everybody who supported this, what is going to happen. >> the egos of the psych key matter to these senators and that's something, too. the shows let them know that they are watching. what they need to do is double
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their number. they need to convince other senators. 30 will not enough to get this across the floor. they've got to convince others. >> senator grassley is still using scare tactics and talking about insurance industry greed is the baseline of reform. he's talking about, well, the insurance industry is going to be hurt by this and pass on the costs to the consumer and we're taking away money from the seniors and why again was he led into the chairman under the republican rule. i'll tell you, he was never -- we never had a conversation with him about health care reform in '94. i was actually surprised, knowing his history and subject
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as i do, i was surprised to see him in the room as long as he did this year. i was also surprised when he came out of the room that he turned against everything, everything, that when you lose a senator in negotiations, would make it 90% of the way, they tend to come back and criticize everything that they've already agreed to. so that's been the other surprising part of it to me. >> we saw him and then on the easle behind him, they are getting him up in his glory. the house is even more committed. does the process stick here if and when the house and senate bills are merged, or to use the small r version of reconcile?
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>> the problem now is how do you pay for this? there is not a majority of them present in the house saying, we refuse the baucus tax on health insurance companies. and this they agree with chuck grassley on, that will be completely passed on to the consumer because there are no price controls on the health insurance companies hit with a 40% tax. and grassley is right so the main thing about this is you send this into the hit insurance industry and there's not a word, not a word, not a thought income
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is the most equitable thing to tax. so they are completely lost in terms of which way to go on taxation. >> sure. that's the problem with that. thanks as always. >> thank you. >> the direct action proposed here last night emphasized the need for health care reform to the six democratic senators and where that stands tonight with the director of national association of free clinics. whether i'm at the batting cages...
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the executive director of the clinic joins me and clearly nobody saw the remake of the time machine. and tonight i will be defending rush limbaugh. "dountdown" continues.
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to start providing health care to everybody or whether to
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ensure universal health care, the goal, everyone agrees on, is universal health care. the best option under debate is called the public option, government-run insurance program not for profit because we can and rates tied to medicare rates, taxpayers get the best deal possible. and so in our story tonight, i'm calling in for us, all of us, because we can, to get behind the national association of free clinics, which represents 1200 free clinics around the country and sponsors free health care fairs. like last month in houston, 1500 people lined up to get free health care because they had to. they can do not just medical good but humanitarian good and specifically, if these fairs
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were to occur in places like senator harry reid of the public option to ensure that the public option gets an up or down vote. the faces of american, they are american, their constituents who need their help. 70% voted to and handling of health care is three times higher than his democratic support and in louisiana, 49th out of the country in health care, according to a study that just came out today. towards this end i will doe nalt $50,000, 10,000 for those which i just mentioned, where they are able to stage one of the fairs. if we succeed, however, we will still fail in the political goal.
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they may block the american public favors. we will still succeed in our ultimate goal, higher goal of making health care available to our fellow citizens. if only for a day, because we can. i'm proud to be joined tonight by the executive director of the free clinics. nicole, welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> tell me about the people who benefit from your work, from the clinics that you represent and from the health fairs that we've been talking about tonight. >> well, the people who benefit every day, i think that's the most important thing for us to remember, is that there are 1200 free clinics opened and operational every single day. and our patients, 83% of them, are working. they come from working health households. they have no place else to go. >> what would the -- the people who turn to you now, whats was
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strong robust public option mean? >> i think what we need to make sure, all of us need to make sure, when we talk about a public option or universal health care, what we really mean is access to quality health care. we are talking about more than just an insurance health care. but a place for people to go and find the medical health care and live good lives. that's what they need. >> you are in, literal sense of this, and are they worried there's a voice inside and we
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would like to help the administration and the congress to discuss the important issues of the population which, last year was 4 million patients and this year it will be 8 million patients at free clinics. we have a very unique delivery model. $5 in services is being given to federal services. we feel that we have some things to give to the conversation and we just hope that someone will come and talk to us sometime soon. >> you don't want to talk to the government that's the essence of the equation. >> but you, now, as i understand, have committed one of these great health care fair it is, if we can get the resource to make it happen. what exactly have you seen and do you see any signs of this support that i've seen so far. >> we have 407 people donate.
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>> wow. and we are committed to putting on one of these health cares for this very important issue. as long as we can get some funds. sfl and we have support staff to that is what we need to make sure that one of these clinics. >> doctors, nurses, medical people, people who are so grace shous and generous in these equations, like fg practical
8:25 pm
stuff though is about venue? >> it is. if we can get under our belt the location, then we can really move fortunately there. and if we have the location and someone is willing to do nate that space to us, then the more can actually go to the delivery of care. >> so what we need is something in butte or a facility in vegas that would like to be associated with being on the right side of this equation. that would be a nice start, correct? >> that would be a wonderful start. >> we'll stay in touch with you and i don't want to start sounding like jar rewillis on labor day. that's his group. but i'm greatly moved by the time you've taken to be with us, nicole. >> thank you very much. >> the bad news is, we're attacking the moon tomorrow. live on the internet.
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>> the press of the century, glenn beck is raising fears tonight. >> first on this trip, he was only the man to portray a
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fictional sports caster and also to survive espn and then becoming a real sports caster, nick baki. i'm remembering you that the numbers never lie. let's play "hardball." we begin in maldese. the country's cabinet ministers are holding a meeting at the bottom of the ocean. late comers are fed to sharks. and that will continue if we hold the measure. >> colorado springs, hello. and small, unsuspected creature.
8:31 pm
and an officer held it down with a stick. the skunk then showed him their gratitude by spraying them. tomorrow we bomb the moon, do we? and speaking of that, and the best persons in the world. michael steele talking about a.c.o. are r.n., which republicans are trying to convince you is a domestic terrorist group. i will say that the current organization, she's done a phenomenal job of getting out in front of it. i respect the fact that they help the poor. what does fixed news do now? the fabulous bush scandal,
8:32 pm
armstrong williams popped up on the website the hill. averaging fewer than 200,000 viewer, i've forgotten that he prostituted himself to write pro-bush administration columns for money paid by the government without telling any of the readers and judging by the new piece, i hope he banked the money. so actually armstrong is getting closer. good for you. and "dateline" new york, erin, they e-mailed know let me know that glenn beck will be raising
8:33 pm
fears on his tv show. but give him time. the one night that america might be fixing the end of the al mighty dollar, he told people to bi gold and then there was a commercial for gold mine international whistles you gold. superior gold group advertising in his show. so this whole beck thing is just a scam. he's not selling fear. he's selling purchase. announcer: trying to be good to your heart? so is campbell's healthy request soup. low in fat and cholesterol, heart healthy levels of sodium, and taste you'll love. chef: we're all kind of excited about it. guy: mmm! i can see why. announcer: campbell's healthy request.
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m'm! m'm! good! for your heart.
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call your doctor today. avodart. help take care of your growing problem. bombing the moon, you say, to see if weed like to one day live on the moon, you say? isn't that how we got into iraq? it's exactly what nasa is doing now, the purposeful collision.
8:37 pm
7:30 into the morning tomorrow, the white house demonstrates their ability to demonstrate curiosity. why are we trying to bomb the moon? and previously scheduled lunar crater observation and sensing satellite is approaching the hurl itself into plumes of debris. and dirt reaching six miles high and then and the white house celebrated the 400th observation
8:38 pm
of jupiter and its moons by hosting 150 middle school students and the president to encourage study in the wonder of science. >> we've been fascinated by the stars. we need to you study and explore everything from the infinite space of space. and think bigger and dig deeper and to reach higher. >> let's turn to the franklin institute chief astron mer. good evening, derek. >> good evening. >> you were at the white house star party last night? >> yes, i was there and it was wonderful. the sky looked great and the president did a great job of making the president feel good at home.
8:39 pm
>> you got to bring your own telescope? >> yes. it was my telescope that the president first looked through and the last one that he looked at on his way home for the night. >> nice telescope. >> yes, indeed. >> why does this issue of water come up again? it was so long after the hints and i remember reading about this in 1977. >> what is it designed to do? >> that there is enough water to be able to collect it and it's important to figure out because water is probably the most
8:40 pm
expensive commodity. >> and for a good cause, i mean, it's lunar demolition derby. what if we break the moon. wasn't that the centerpiece, breaking it into big pieces and think of it this way. jupiter has 64, 66 moons. now, in this case, it's and over the course of the year the moon gets hit something from space at least he i don't know, on the
8:41 pm
moon or something. >> and if you're worried, sf and you have to raise the attitude of american students and engineering and matt particulars because he can see and he knows what he means because all of the kids had a great time sf.
8:42 pm
>> and it's just that we haven't been able to actually observe it from the earth but a new telescope in orbits looks on the infar red so you could see billions of particles and i'm just the fang lynn institute to wonder why he comes on. >> thank you, sir. >> >> every stalking victim in
8:43 pm
history claiming that she's been stalked by msnbc. that's not what the word means. and when rachel joins you at the top of the hour, a different cable company is pulling the looks to make that the majority of americans are against health care when in fact they are in favor of it. oh, and guess which one.
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tom delay taking off his dance pants and defending rush limbaugh, michele bachmann and john mccain, you're watching "countdown" on msnbc. injury seek immediate medical
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risks, fees, expenses, and more information to read and consider carefully before investing. the latest job is nude model. that's next. but, first, tonight's worst person in the world. bronze tonight to critics of rush limbaugh and permitted to because he made racist comments to 2003 aonly three of them left. the vikings are on sunday and it would have been a full year before they win a game. my, god, if limbaugh wants to flush his money down a rat hole,
8:48 pm
the winner is senator john mccann. it's the proverbial tree falling in a forest. what are the hosts representing 9/11 and talking about why there would be nobody second attack and thought president obama was the second attack. and mccain laughed. and how did you get into that and maybe the slash our wrists quote or the gangster and and he
8:49 pm
says, man, that's not it. it hatched with a tv network that took some interest in me and now they only have tv shows. >> seriously? i had a stalker. i had to go to court. even those men blighted and ruined and in some cases ended by the terror and threat that they create. and is she anywhere close to ak victim. and today's person in the worl .
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>> all right. let's just get this one out of the way. it turns out pistachios are not the only nuts that leaf vie johnson is selling. pose forge play girl, in an effort to become the most famous male model, leave vi has been tossing this for he said, i'm assuming that you're a dude that poses for a women i know -- yeah, it was delivered. tmz getting ready for the up coming spread. he works out three hours a day, six nights a week, at a jim in
8:54 pm
anchorage and is on a sfrikt low cash, high-competitive and johnson says there's no contract as of yet but it's a foregone conclusion. in the world of politics, tom delay has quit dancing with the stars. america watched and closeups of the back street for this time the majority leader currently under indictment was ruled out on jimmy kimmel live. >> do you think this will inspire other indicted politicians? fork on the left and knife on the back, here is michael mustoz
8:55 pm
good morning, keith. >> i'm going to go out an a limb here is it possible that it's not published for the entertainment of feeling of women. >> >> it's only internet and the perfect because there's a the lof picture. >> is there a motiff? i think there will be loose like body parts.
8:56 pm
and big bang theory. >> well, for the additional evidence of the and years to mr. delay and and how is he in avoid prison now if he's not dancing.
8:57 pm
>> that's a political term. >> all right. tom was on dancing with the stars. honestly, you need to step up. >> no, because in jail he will probably be on a and in our future? >> i think it could be one bed of hair. >> sheer and the title. >> it's written here. it's right there. >> i would like to see the amazing al sharpton in the race
8:58 pm
cart. >> the comforting part, i can't do anything about that. anybody could appear on the amazing -- the real house bifs of deep sea is coming out and circulating what casts they will be whoes on your dream team of d.c. housewives? >> i'd he like to see ann but for the joe biden's wife, nobody has heard from her. and hillary clinton could flip the table and see monica under there. >> do we get bravo with the real housewives of wasilla? >> no, because they are already working on csi wasilla.
8:59 pm
thank you and we apologize, as always. i'm keith observe better man. good night and good luck. and now, fixing the polls on public opinion on health care reform and restore the dignity of the network for the next hour, here is rachel maddow. >> thank you, keith. thank you, michael. >> and thank you at home for staying with us for the next hour. we are loaded from tip to tail tonight. a new almost unbelievable abortion law and i'm and we've got news from richard even gel


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